Fabric Greeting Cards

Our fabric greeting card is sure to please your loved one. These simple, yet effective cards are the best way to say as message that you want. Show someone that you do appreciate them.

Hand Sewn Fabric Greeting Cards

Each card has been individually created by sewing a jewellery piece onto felt. This technique of hand making cards ensures that every card has its own unique application of ink, unlike commercially printed cards. Each card has a slightly different pattern of ink, which you can see on the cards. You can see and feel the ink on the papers’ surface and this makes them feel luxurious and special. You might even feel like the Flower greeting card was printed especially for you!

Our range of limited edition Fabric Greeting Cards:

Australian made (or milled) cards

Whenever possible we select Australian milled paper products. We do this to support our own Australian economy and businesses before supporting those offshore. We have done a lot of research to find and use greeting card products that are either fully recycled or have a large percentage of their paper content that is recycled. Our greeting cards come in a range of paper colors or types and different printed colors. The ink that we use in our Lino printing process is proudly Australian made. Furthermore, the ink is also non-toxic, so you can pop your cards into the compost when you are finished admiring them.

Other greeting cards:

If you would like to use a not-so-obvious greeting card, then have a look at some of our other card designs:

Add fun to every card with some of our Heart or butterfly confetti!

Why not add some fun into your Thank You card? You can put some of our heart confetti into their card. So, when they open the card, out falls the little heart or butterfly confetti.

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If you are intrigued by the hand making process that is lino printing, you can see some more behind the scenes photos on our My Artisan Studio Facebook page.