The Artisan

a worker in a skilled trade, especially one that involves making things by hand.

Specialist hand made gifts in Ballarat

I am an image maker, having worked predominately in the photographic medium.  I have over 20 years of experience in styling and photographing various assignments for both clients and personal projects. 

My artisan background includes textiles, fabric painting, screen printing, block printing, collages, painting in numerous mediums, drawing with pastels and pencil, and of course, photography and pretty much anything else that I can get my hands on. I have just learned how to use the drop saw – so there’s no holding me back now!

I love to create! It runs through my veins and I just love making things. I’ve always saved that scrap of fabric just in case….I’m one of those people who has colored pencils, grey-lead pencils, paint, chalk, stamps, paint, pastels, did I say paint? etc etc.

My Artisan Studio sells hand made gifts that we have crafted ourselves. We specialise in short runs of our items to keep them special and limited creations. Items are hand crafted with care especially for you. Our beautiful range of hand made gifts are perfect for giving or just to send a lovely hand written card to a loved one.

We think it really shows how much you care when you take the time to hand write a lovely greeting card and post it to someone. We specalise in making our items by hand (where possible) and in limited editions. Some items as you will see throughout the shop, are one-offs. This means that there is not an exact copy of this item in existence.

We are proudly Victorian based, in Ballarat actually. We hope you will enjoy our range of Hand Made | Made by Me | Made in Ballarat gifts and items. Support a local artisan and by locally. You really are buying a little piece of us in each hand made gift that you choose.